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Follow these guidelines if you want to apply as a writer for certain freelancing sites or through clients on your own. It is necessary to know how to be a writer and to have a freelance writer’s resume. This resume for freelance writing will highlight your strengths, convey past experience, show educational background, and more. A resume for freelance writing is different than the conventional resume. Your experience is presumably, and mostly, online. The type of information you include on your freelance resume will vary depending on the jobs you are applying for. You may have several versions. At the very least, a resumeforfreelancewriting should include the following: contact information, objective, areas of expertise, experience, and education. Listing any memberships to writing organizations you hold on your freelance writer’s resume is optional. The same goes for listing links to samples, awards, or hobbies.



Contact Information

Your name should always be the first thing that a reader notices when seeing the freelancewritersresume for the first time. Contact information should follow. The most common order for contact information is address, phone number, fax, website, email, and instant messenger. If applying for a job when information such as your physical address would not be necessary, feel free to leave it out. If they need it at a later time for tax reporting purposes, they can request it from you then.



Your objective can be quite broad if applying for access as a writer to a freelance writing website. One example is you are looking for the best opportunities for a writer. It is essential that you tailor the objective on your freelance writer’s resume to make it apparent to anyone reading your resume that you want the job if applying for a specific position. In some instances, a resume for freelancewriting needs to be very specific on several levels.


Areas of Expertise

This section of your freelance writer’s resume is similar to the qualifications section on a conventional resume. This is where you are going to list what types of writing you are comfortable with and would be able to provide. Using bullets will draw the reader’s eye to this section of your freelancewritersresume. If they do not see what they are looking for here, the rest of your resume for freelance writing will not be read. Be sure to list what you know you can do. Do not allow this section to take up more than twenty-five percent of your freelance writer’s resume. Feel free to section it into two columns to allow more space.



Veteran freelancers will be able to list specific companies that they have worked for in this section along with dates and a description of the work done. Those new to online freelancing work may not be able to do this right away when writing their resume for freelance writing. In this instance, pick a few areas of expertise and break them down like you would an employer. Be sure to list how many years of experience you have with that type of writing. Include specific details of that experience on your freelancewritersresume. If this resume for freelance writing is for a specific type of job, the work experience or areas of expertise should best reflect that.



For those with only a high school degree, any positive details should be listed on your freelance writer’s resume. Include the name and location of the school. Positive details would include grade point average if above a 3.0 or any group activities that you took part in. For post-secondary degrees, your high school education should be omitted on your resume for freelance writing. The same details should be included for your college career. If you have attended college but not yet finished, be sure to list any classes on your resumeforfreelancewriting. Examples include anything in multimedia communication, technology, journalism, or English.


A resume for freelance writing should be kept to one page at the very most. If you want to send along a list of samples and there is not room to include a short list on your resume, create a separate freelance writer’s publication list. This list should have the same contact information and formatting as your freelance writer’s resume to be consistent. The title of the article should come first, followed by publication, and date. The title can be hyperlinked, or you can include the URL at the end. This should be double-spaced for readability.


The email that you attach your resume and optional publication list to will usually act as your cover letter. In this instance, you need to keep things short. Get the reader interested enough to want to open your resumeforfreelancewriting to see what you have to offer should you be awarded the job. If you are mailing or faxing your freelance writer’s resume and publication list, be sure to have the URLs for the publication list spelled out. Have your cover letter written professionally. Use the same contact information and formatting as your resume for freelance writing to keep things consistent. Write in business letter form. For a fax, the cover sheet should list the number and names of the pages to ensure that transmission of your freelance writer’s resume was successful.

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