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A beginner, even someone who has been around the freelancing world for a little while, may be surprised to find many different types of freelance writing sites online. On some sites, you post your article and get paid for each click. Others pay you based on the money made by the advertising placed on it. Some sites pay you outright for the rights to your article and pay by the word or per piece. Still others allow you to submit a proposal for a job or project that was listed by a client. The client can choose the writer that he or she would like to complete the job based on sample work provided or details of the proposal. This includes the price or time frame needed to complete the work.

Here are details and examples of each type of freelance writing site. I hope you enjoy exploring them as much as I have enjoyed learning about them or writing for and through them!

Pay-Per-Click Writing Sites
The most well known writing site that utilizes the pay-per-click way of paying authors is Yahoo! Voices, formerly known as Associated Content. On this site, you can choose assignments or decide to submit your own work. If your work is for a paid assignment or unique enough, you can request to be paid for upfront. You will still benefit from getting paid for each click on your article. The starting rate for the pay-per-click pay is $1.50 per every one thousand views. That goes up as you become more popular and articles do better. It may not seem like much. With a few articles, it can really add up!

Ad Revenue Writing Sites
Suite101is the site most popular for those looking to post their articles and make a portion of the ad revenue made from the Google AdSense ads placed on their work. Those looking to join Suite101 will need to apply. They need to have their first five articles approved by an editor before going live on the site. After that, submitted articles will go live immediately. It may take a couple of hours for the ads that are linked on the article to be related to the article’s topic. This writing site offers authors a host of tools to help track which articles are getting the most views and where those are coming from. You can track your income and which articles are earning the most. You can write more on the same topic if you would like!


Per Word Writing Sites
The writing site I prefer most that pays per word is Textbroker. This site allows you to submit a writing sample when you apply. They place you at a level from two to five, with five being the highest. Three is average for most people and pays $0.01 per word. Whatever level you are at, you can accept jobs at that level, or any below it. Someone at a level four would be able to accept jobs at levels two, three, or four. You can only accept one job from the open community at a time. If you are part of a team, you can have a job for each member of it as well. Clients can send you Direct Orders if they like your work. You can set the price you get paid per word for those types of orders.Per Piece Writing Sites
They have strict writing standards, but, Demand Media is by far the most popular per piece writing site on the internet. What you get paid for the piece depends on the style of it. There are many titles to choose from that pay $15 each! As I mentioned, their writing standards are very strict. You will need to get the hang of what they are looking for with your first few articles. The pay can certainly make up for it. You can write articles quickly and grab great article titles as they become available.

Proposal Writing Sites
I have found the bulk of my work through proposals. I have done that primarily through two sites: Elance and Guru. Both sites allow you to search for jobs that you qualify for, submit a proposal, communicate with the client, and what they are looking for in the job should they contact you first. If you are chosen, you can arrange for payment through these sites and set up a contract for the work and payment. This protects both writer and client. Once the work is completed, feedback can be left for both the writer and client. Others are made aware of type and quality of the work performed, and how easy it was to work for the client.

No matter how you want to get paid for writing online, you can find a way! Many people hone their skills with pay-per-click sites. They later move up to ad-revenue sites that require a little more skill. The sites that pay per word require still more skill. The sites that pay per piece want the work they are paying for to be near perfect. This is why sites like Demand Media have such strict standards. When you advertise your services on proposal based writing sites, clients assume that they are paying for quality. That is what they want to receive. If you are  just starting out, why not test the waters over at Yahoo! Voices. See what kind of assignments and upfront payments you can get. You just might find yourself getting high-ticket jobs at Elance or Guru before you know it!

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