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Search engine optimization is the process of modifying a web page or website to make it more visible for the search engines. The most notable of these search engines is Google. There are many things a person can do to a web page to allow the search engine’s automatic crawlers to see and index it as something that needs to be shown in the search results for certain search terms. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is important for any online freelance writer to know. So what is SEO?

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO
A technique for optimizing a web page that follows the search engine’s guidelines is considered to be a White Hat SEO technique. White Hat SEO content is typically content that has been written for the user first. Then it has been optimized for search engines so users can find it. On the opposite side, you have Black Hat SEO techniques that are looked down upon by search engines. The content they provide for users is generally considered spam. It’s important to always use White Hat SEOtechniques when writing content.
Organic SEO vs. Inorganic SEO
What writers do when writing content is considered organic SEO because it can be done to a website for free without having to pay the search engines for higher rankings. Still, it’s important to know about inorganic SEO because your clients may be using both organic and inorganic SEO to get their website and it’s subsequent web pages seen online. Organic SEO is anything you do to a web page that is free of cost that would increase it’s page rank, and inorganic SEO is anything that you pay for to get more traffic, such as paying for sponsored listings in the search engines or having banner ads placed on other sites. It’s good for any freelance writer to understand organic vs. inorganic seo.
SEO Keywords
For a writer, SEO keywords are the heart of the matter. They are the most important tool in a writer’s SEO arsenal. SEO keywords are what the search engines see when they index a web page to determine if it should be seen in the search results and where it should be placed in the results. SEO keywords should be well-researched using tools like Google AdWords. This will show you terms usually searched for by search engine users. The SEO keywords should be placed in prominent places within the article. This includes the title, subheadings, lists, and first and last sentences of written content.

Linking SEO Keywords
It’s important to have high quality links within the article. If the links within the written content are to popular sites, or to authoritative places like government and educational sites, Search engines will see that the content is most likely an authoritative source as well. The links should be hyperlinked within the text so they appear normally, without impeding the reader as they read or scan the written content. The hyperlinked texts should be SEO keywords and linked to related sources.

So I think we’ve answered the question of what is SEO. With this basic overview of what SEO is and how to use it, it’s time to start putting it to practice in some articles! Try posting a few articles that aren’t search engine optimized on Yahoo! Voices. Post a few on the same topic that are and wait a few weeks for them to be indexed by the search engines. See the difference in how many people visit your SEO articles! That, my friends, is SEO at work.


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