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Keyword research before you write an article is just as important as using an analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, to research how well an article is doing with the keywords you’ve chosen to use. The best tool to use for keyword research, that is also free, is Google AdWords keyword tool. With this tool, you can type in a topic or phrase that you are focusing on, and you will get a list of popular search terms with great information that will tell you how best to use those terms in writing freelance articles. So how do you use the Google AdWords keyword tool?

Creating Your Own List of Keywords
You have to know what you’re going to search for in Google AdWords before you can actually start searching, so it’s a good idea to outline the article you are going to write. While you are outlining, write down as many keyword terms YOU would search for to find that article. These terms are what you are going to start keyword researching with.

Finding Keywords in Google AdWords
Once you get to the Google AdWords tool, you’ll see a box at the top that asks for a word or phrase. Enter your first word or phrase from your own list of keywords for your article writing here. If you want to leave the search broad, you can leave the Website and Category search fields blank. You will need to verify that you are human by entering the verification words or letters, and then you can click Search. Finding the right keywords using Google is as simple as that!

Deciphering the Keyword Results
Once you have the keyword results from Google AdWords, what do you do with them? Well, you need to break them down to find the most usable and the most traffic generating keywords so that when used in an article, you get the most out of them. To get the most out of the Google AdWords keyword tool, click on the Global Monthly Searches tab to sort the results by the number of searches completed every month for each term. This will give you the most popular terms first. Then you can look at the Competition column to see if there are a lot of other sites or pages using those keywords. This will determine how many other sites the traffic will be shared with. If the global monthly searches is high, but the competition is low, then that is a great keyword to use in your article as you will most likely get a lot of traffic from using that keyword correctly using all the right SEO principles. (For a basic overview of SEO, click here.)

Checking Keywords with AdWords Often
The keywords that you use in articles may be popular one day, but not very popular the next. However, you may use some terms that only get a little bit of traffic for months, and the all of a sudden you could start getting a lot more traffic from them. This is why it’s important to keep doing research on keywords. You can alter the articles you write online to use certain keywords over others so that you ensure you are getting the best traffic rates possible and you are being seen with the highest page rank in Google.

By using Google AdWords to research keyword terms when writing articles online, you can ensure that your articles are going to rise to stardom (aka, the top of the Google page ranks) faster than you thought possible!


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