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It’s very important for freelance writers to have their own website. They can post their bio, references, services, or just have a space on the web that is all their own. It will look (and make THEM look) professional. A professional freelancing website can help you appear more professional, even though you already are. There are a lot of options available when it comes to building a website. Many companies can do it all for you. It comes at a price. There’s a quick and easy way to set up a professional looking website yourself for very little cost. I’ve recommended this option for many of my freelancing friends, especially those new to the industry. It hasn’t failed yet! So this is how to build a professional freelancing website!

The Importance of Having a Professional Website
If you are presenting yourself as a professional in the online world, then it’s vital to have your own piece of that online world carved out just for you. Use that space to show just how professional you are. It’s important to have a professional domain name. When choosing a domain name, you can use your own name, your business’ name, or even a search engine optimized description of what you do. Having a professional domain and website will prove to clients and colleagues that you take your career as a freelancer very seriously.

The Best Place to Get Cheap Domain Names
I know you are wondering how to build a website for freelancers. We’re getting there, I promise! First, you need to set up your domain name. If you set up your domain name through GoDaddy, then setting up your site in the next step will be easier than ever. You can even get GoDaddy discounts to help cover the cost of registering your domain name. Purchasing and registering the domain shouldn’t cost much at all, depending on which type of web address you choose. You can even choose multiple web addresses so that no one can choose something similar to your website name. For example, you could choose and and register them at the same time. You can choose how long to register your domain or domains so that you don’t have to worry about this expense for up to five years.

How to Set Up Your GoDaddy Website
We’re finally here: how to build a website for freelancers! With your domain registration from GoDaddy, you automatically get a one-page website that you can turn into your professional freelancing website. This website is called a Website Tonight site. You can add widgets to this one-pager so that you can have multiple sub-pages included on your page. From your My Account page, activate the Website Tonight (toward the top on the left-hand menu) and log in. Simply choose a background image, the site title text and subtext, and up to four widgets. The widgets can include text, a feed from Twitter, a Contact form, and more! If you’d like your professional freelancers’ site to be a little more in-depth, you can get cheap hosting from GoDaddy and your site can be as large as you’d like it to be. It depends on the hosting plan you choose. GoDaddy even provides the website builder. You can quickly have a professional site up and running.

Whether you choose to use the free Website Tonight when you purchase your domain or add cheap web hosting to your GoDaddy services to create a larger site with more pages, you can’t go wrong. I’ve used GoDaddy for my website for some time now and I am more that satisfied with their cost and their uptimes. I’ve found that I get a lot more business. My clients are more likely to take me more seriously now that I have a professional freelancing website!


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