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When you hire a freelancer, you know that the person you are hiring to get the work done has the experience to do the job. The job may be accounting, or even drawing up architecture blueprints. In my case, I’m a writer. A freelance writer. That is all I do and I do it well.

When people hire a freelance writer, they know that their experience as a writer is there. They know that they know current trends, they know SEO practices, and they know certain industries well (if they specialize). Me? I’m a generalist.

What is a Generalist?

A generalist freelance writer writes about anything and writes any type of writing.

This means that I could be writing about space travel technology one day and gardening the next. I could be writing about parenting in the morning and the latest tech startups in the afternoon. I write about a lot of things and I LOVE that about my job. I love being able to research all sorts of different things and I research well.

As far as types of writing? I am a freelance writer who can write general informational articles and blogs that are or are not SEO optimized, newsletters, product descriptions, product reviews, press releases, catalogs, etc. There’s no limit to what I can write because chances are I’ve done it before. If I haven’t, then I would love the opportunity to try my hand at it and learn something new!

What Happens When You Hire a Freelancer?

When you hire a freelancer that freelancer needs to know as much about your project as possible. If you have all of this information available before you start the hiring process, it’s even better. But if you don’t know exactly what you need, that’s okay. The freelancer can help you find out based on what they know about the market and what other businesses are doing. This is when their experience helps YOU.

Then they get to work, giving you updates every so often. If you need an update sooner, feel free to ask for one, but don’t pester as it takes away from the time they could be working. They will turn in a finished product to you for you to look over. If you need changes to it, speak up! They want to turn in a FINAL finished product to you that is exactly what you want and they can’t do that unless you tell them what is wrong with their draft. Once these edits are completed, payment is made and you are the owner of the work.

You can then do whatever you need to with the work that was produced.

When you hire a freelancer, it takes one more task (or several) off your to do list and puts it on someone else’s who is much more prepared with the skills to get that job done.

So why not hire a freelancer today to get one of those pesky jobs done you’ve been putting off? You can contact me at krysha@writingfreelanceright.com or on Skype at krysha.thayer – I look forward to talking about your project!

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