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freelance writing servicesKrysha has been a freelance writer since 2010 and writing is the backbone of what she does. She has her BA in English and Creative Writing for a reason. These are just some of the freelance writing services that she offers her clients.

Article/Blog Writing

Articles and blogs written for the web can be ghostwritten (written without any byline for Krysha at all) or credit can be given to her. Price is largely determined on how in-depth you need the topic, how long the piece is, whether or not she is getting a byline, along with many other factors. If you need continuous services, such as a blog posted regularly, or you need bulk work, there may also be an effect on the price. Freelance writing services offered today are usually article and blog writing.

Articles can be: magazine articles, feature articles, newspaper columns/articles, or those written specifically for content/keywords.

Product Reviews/Descriptions

Product reviews can be anywhere from 300 words up to thousands of words depending on how in-depth you’d like the review to go. Buying guides also fit into this category. How many you need, how long they are, the type of product, whether or not the physical product will be given to base the review on, and more all affect the price of the review.

Product descriptions for new or existing internet sales are written with a “call to action” or CTA in mind. These can be as short or in-depth as you’d like. Keyword research can be included if you don’t already have this done beforehand.


eBooks can range in price greatly. Some books are very short and others are very long and need extensive research to complete. If you are looking to have an eBook written, please Contact Me today to discuss the details of what you need. A quote can be drawn up based on your needs and deadline.

Press Releases

Press releases require a lot of information from the company or featured individual(s) so there will be time spent interviewing and researching as well as writing. The more time put into preparations for a Press Release, the better received it will be.


Biographies can make a person who is new to your company or who has been promoted stand out on the company site or within a press release. Written well, a biography makes the company stand out as well.

Book Reviews/Summaries

A review or summary of a book (each slightly different so please specify which you are looking for when you Contact Me) can vary in price depending on how long the book is, how long you need the book review/summary, and when you need it. Book reviews/summaries can be provided on books in any genre.


Brochures are a staple when it comes to marketing material and they should be done correctly to help bring prospective customers in (or back). I can provide the written content for your brochure or (with the help of my graphic designer) I can provide the entire, completed brochure so all you have to do is get them printed at your favorite printer.


If you will be handing out printed newsletters, I can provide just the written content or the finished product complete with images, depending on what you need. If they are to be emailed, I can provide the written material while you have it formatted to send out to subscribers through your email client.


Every part of a presentation should be professional, from the slideshow to the handouts. I can make your presentation go smoothly from the moment your audience enters the boardroom to the moment you get the applause. Let me create a professional presentation for you no matter what you are presenting.

Other Services

If you already have written content and need to know if it is ready to go out into the world, I can make sure everything is correct with fact-checking services. I can also proofread the content to ensure your company looks good.

I can perform the keyword research required for content that will appear on the web. I will need to know the focus of your content before I can begin research and added fees will be required. If you need “keyword stuffing” to help boost your site to the top of the search engines, please let me know. This will affect the quote.

I don’t mind accepting rushed projects, but I need to know in advance if you need the project done quickly. Because I will have to put aside other work and juggle my schedule, it will affect the quote.

Accepting the Quote!

When you accept the quote terms, I require that 20% of the amount quoted be sent before work can begin. Once the project is complete, the remaining balance will be paid.

NOTE: I will revise the work up to two times to bring it up to your standards if the first copy was not exactly what you had in mind.

If you need any of the above services for your business or website, please don’t hesitate to Contact┬áMe for a quote. We can interview through email, Skype or phone to get the details of the project set up and a quote put together!

I look forward to hearing from you, learning about the services you need, and helping you reach your business goals.