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Do you enjoy writing? Have you thought of taking up writing for self-employment? Do you want to earn through your writing? Welcome to the world of freelance writing. Freelance writing is a lucrative option and many of the writers jump in because of the freedom it provides while working.  Freelance writing allows one to be flexible in terms of time and location and earn at the same time. This article is the first step in launching your freelance writing career—it provides the jump-start and much needed information in getting started as a freelance writer.


Start Freelance Writing - Research

Research: The Stepping Stone

Like every new thing, the first step in getting started as a freelance writer is to research. The research about freelancing shall not be limited to the craft only, but it also shall include researching one’s own skill. This may involve some out-of-box thinking. One needs to introspect and think about the kind of expertise one has.

Some examples of freelance writing can include expertise in writing business briefs, medical freelance writing, or construction material writing, etc. Once the strengths are identified, the research shall then be extended to the market for that field. There is a market for all skills, but some skills are better known than others. The research about the market shall take into account the kind of opportunities that exist, any specific platform for the jobs, and the ongoing payment work for different skill levels.


Start Freelance Writing - Portfolio

Step Two: Develop a Portfolio

There are two ways to approach the process of getting started as a freelance writer: the first way involves working through the different freelancing websites and the second way is to find direct clients through networking. But in order to succeed in both these ways, one has to be able to present a portfolio of their writing. These pieces of writing serve as the showcase for the freelancer’s skill. The clients can judge the quality of the writing and decide whether one is suitable for the job or not through these samples. Freelancers can start by writing the blog post for their own blog, or they can offer their services to NGOs, charities, websites etc. where the work done by the freelancer is credited to them.


Start Freelance Writing - Logistics

Get the Logistics Right: Most Important Accessory for the Freelancing Journey

Once the portfolio is set up, the next step in getting started as a freelance writer is to arrange for the logistics. The logistics about freelancing involves some important and some not so important details like setting up a payment channel, accessibility and availability of the freelancer on email or social media platforms, and sometimes even legal expertise as well.

The kind of logistics required will depend upon the kind of work undertaken. The setting of the payment channel is given for all projects, although the selection of the right payment channel is dependent upon the country of the clients and the freelancer. PayPal tops the charts for working with international clients.

Availability on social media might become essential if the job involves the use of social media platforms. Some of the clients might want to sign a non-disclosure agreement which will call for legal expertise. Financial management expertise will also be needed for the management of the projects, especially for taxation process.


Start Freelance Writing - Skills

Develop Your Skills: Step Four of an Uphill Journey

Getting started as a freelance writer is not a one day job. It requires constant effort and commitment on the part of the freelancer. Writing skills are not the only skills that a freelancer needs to learn, although that is an important part of the process. The knowledge about the subjects, organizational skills, and blogging skills are some of the others that are required for the success of the freelancing career.

Organization skills can help in keeping track of all the pesky, but important things like upcoming deadlines, payment details, client information, etc. Blogging skills, as explained above, can help in developing the lead for projects.  Knowledge of the subject is the meat of the content presented. The knowledge of the subject matter shines through the content, acting as the beacon for the future work.


Start Freelance Writing - Confidence

Confidence: Oxygen for the Freelancing Career

Getting the writing gigs is not an easy task. When one is getting started as a freelance writer, one is likely to face many rejections. The client might not like the writing style, the pitch for the work might not be perfect, or one might feel under-qualified for the project, but putting oneself out there is essential. And that in turn calls for confidence. That confidence is what will act as the oxygen in this freelancing journey. One has to overcome all these hurdles and continue submitting, even when it gets difficult.


Be sure to Contact Me if you are interested in starting your freelance writing career. I can help you with projects or advice on where to start and how to write proposals. You can also find more information in other posts on this blog.


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