Freelance Editing Services

freelance editing servicesKrysha also offers freelance editing services to those who require editing of work that has already been written. Perhaps you have written creative work that needs editing, or you need your website edited to be “up to snuff” with the latest SEO on-page practices. No matter what type of editing it is, Krysha can help you with it.

Copy-editing (from Basic to Heavy)

Copy-editing is the basic term for going through written text and editing, line by line, and also going over the piece as a whole. Whether you need very basic, minor changes or you need her to bring out the big guns, this type of freelance editing service is available for you.

Fact Checking

Did you write a piece of non-fiction, be it a book or an article, and you need your facts checked? Freelance editing services don’t always include this, but Krysha is more than happy to add fact checking on to your services.


If you just need someone to glance over your work to make sure all of your T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted then this is the service for you.


Contact Krysha for Freelance Editing Services

You can contact Krysha through the contact page of this site. There are several ways listed to ensure you can get in touch with her about your project.