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You are here, which means you are on the way to finding freelance writing jobs, or maybe you are thinking about finding freelance writing jobs.  This article will not get you freelance jobs—that will be the result of your efforts in the end—but it will definitely give you avenues for finding freelance writing jobs.  This article discusses different places you can explore for finding freelance writing jobs.

Explore Your Acquaintances

The first step to finding freelance writing jobs is to explore your own acquaintances. Many times, there are so many acquaintances who are in search of a freelancer, whether they know the right term or not.

Think about the people you know. Does somebody want the content of their website written? Someone is probably looking for content for their brochures, or maybe someone you know works for a company who is in search of a writer. The possibilities are many, and one will not know about them unless one searches for it.

It can be a huge stepping stone. Start by advertising your services among your friends and family, use social media, and in case you find the opportunity, pitch your services directly.


Your Neighborhood

Finding freelance writing jobs can be as easy as getting out of the house and walking to the nearest church. The NGOs, churches, schools, local newspapers etc. are few of the places where you can easily find freelance writing jobs. You might not get paid initially or may get lower payment rates, but these jobs can help you gain much-needed exposure in the freelance writing world. These jobs can also help in building your portfolio and getting the right clients.


Job Portals

Many times, the requirements for freelancing writing jobs is advertised in job portals. It can be Craigslist,, or any other job portal that is well-known in your area. These jobs vary in skill level as well as in pay level. So, the selection should be made according to your interest and capability.

A word of caution, though. Not all the companies who advertise on these websites are trustworthy. Do a research and a background check on these openings before starting the work. Also, sometimes, the companies offer bare minimum pay level. Be wary and select the one which offers the payment as per market trend and your capability. Do not short-change yourself while searching for the job.



LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where people showcase their skills and the employers search for the suitable employees. Showcasing your skills there can be a big step towards finding freelance writing jobs. It will also help in developing the right connection which can support and encourage your search for a writing job. You can network with other writers and follow them to understand how they are getting the word out about their skills. Overall, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to build networks and to search for the job.


Freelancing Websites

Freelancing websites can be your bread and butter. The freelancing websites are places where different users advertise their requirements for their projects. You can develop your profile and portfolio and bid for different writing jobs posted on the website. There are many jobs posted on these websites according to the requirements, and a perfect way of finding freelance writing jobs is to search/bid for the job that suits your capability.

The only downside to this process is that one has to pay some commission to these websites on the total payment, but most of the time, the work is constant and the payment is comparatively secure.  Care should be taken while valuing the project for such websites because undervaluing might affect your earnings while overvaluing can cost you the whole job. Not all the jobs on the website are equally paying, but these websites are perfect to find the new clients and variety of freelance writing jobs. Some of the most famous freelancing websites are,,, and


It should be understood that finding freelance writing jobs is not a piece of cake. It is a task which calls for constant pitching and contact with the clients. One should not be ashamed of asking for the work. The process involves the right balance between the price and the showcase of abilities. The above places can help you in developing the initial network for freelancing. Once the network is established, the writer/client relationship will develop organically. It is not a one-day job, but it takes a lot of time and practice to get the right pitch. Do not be disheartened if you lag in finding freelance writing jobs. The right job is waiting just around the corner.


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