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Krysha Thayer - Freelance Writer

Krysha Thayer is a professional online freelance writer, creative writer, and poet. She began writing freelance writing in 2010 when a friend introduced her to the concept of making money from home. Since then, she has written for technology, home improvement, and interior design blogs as well as privately for many others as a ghostwriter.

A lot of her early work came through such sites as Guru and Elance (Elance is now known as UpWork) and some of it still does today even though most of her clients are found through freelancing organizations, and have been with her for quite some time. Krysha’s online writing portfolio highlights some of her work as a freelance writer and is just a small sampling of the kind of writing she is capable of.

In her personal life, she still enjoys writing. However, that writing comes in the form of short, metered lines that rhyme and carry emotion, whether blatantly or between the lines. Poetry is her passion and although she has not previously attempted to publish any of it more seriously than a few sent out to contests during her high school years, she is currently working on a short book of poetry that will highlight the emotional roller coaster of living with Borderline Personality Disorder. As of July 2016, she has made significant progress in her mental health by getting out of a long and abusive relationship and she wishes to chronicle that journey in print.

The difficulties Krysha has faced throughout her life have only inspired her to work harder to reach her goals as a freelance writer so that nothing can stand in her way of living a fulfilled life of achievement.

Feel free to contact Krysha through the Contact Page on this site. She would love to hear more about your project, help you with your own mental health, or even help you become a freelance writer working from home.

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