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Knowledge of Twitter is common. Many people still don’t know how to utilize the micro-blogging site for the most benefits, however. Many of those people are freelancers. Knowing how to use Twitter can help build your reputation, land you gigs (writing jobs), and can give you the chance to help others. Those people may, in turn, help you when the time is right! The first step is to set up your Twitter account with a username that is professional. Use either your name or keywords associated with what you do. What do you do next? These 5 tips for using Twitter for freelancers can help get you started!

Add Specifics to Your Twitter Profile
It’s important to make it known in your Twitter profile that you are a freelance writer. People should contact you if they are interested in your services. If you have a specialty, make sure it’s listed! Your profile should have a strong call to action. Think of it as a sales pitch. Your Twitter profile is what will sell clients on your services. Put your best foot forward. Make sure people know to contact you if interested.

Follow the Right People on Twitter
Do you follow a lot of people that aren’t interested in following you back or they have nothing to do with the writing industry? Your Twitter feed is going to be crowded with a lot of tweets that have nothing to do with what you’re trying to accomplish. Follow other writers, editors, publishers, and other people in the writing industry who are more likely to follow you back. You can reach others who have similar interests as you!

Put Yourself Out There – Make It Blunt
A simple tweet saying that you are available for work won’t hurt anything. In fact, someone may see it and have something available for you. They may know of work that’s available for the taking. Twitter is about communication! However, don’t make it a daily occurrence. Putting it out there on Twitter that you’re available, especially when other writers and publishers are following you, may land you some work without even having to look for it!

Be Yourself – A Real Person
If you’re only ever posting links to your work and you’re not posting funny comments, thoughts on the news, picks for the sports game, or other ‘real person’ things; people might just stop paying attention to you. People follow real people, not robots out for attention. This also makes it fun for you! Make it a point to post a few times a week on things that have nothing to do with writing.

Search for Freelance Work – Be Specific
There are so many freelance jobs posted on Twitter every day. If you search for freelance writing jobs, you’d never be able to get through them all. Search for very specific jobs that you are interested in, such as topics that interest you or that you specialize in. You’ll narrow down the search results so they are more manageable. You’ll get better jobs to look at on Twitter, too.

Use these 5 tips for Twitter for freelancers to get you started advertising your services and finding new work. You’re well on your way to using Twitter as a primary freelance writing tool!

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