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When it comes to writing search engine optimized web content, there are the basics of what to write. But how do you get started, and then how to you check to see if your SEO efforts are working or not? These 3 free SEO tools will help with various steps along the way toward a perfectly optimized site. Free SEO tools will give you a leg up on others who aren’t using them on their own site, and they will help you keep up with the ones that are. All three of these tools are necessary and they are listed in no specific order.

SEOmoz Rank Tracker Tool

When you start your website, you’ll want to track how far your site is coming in the search rankings as you continue to add to it and improve it. As you get better at SEO, you’ll also want to use this free SEO tool to see how your efforts in search engine optimization are paying off in increasing your page ranking with the search engines. The SEOmoz Rank Tracker is free to use for up to 5 rankings per day, but you can upgrade if you find you need more than that.


Keyword Density Tool

There are many opinions out there as to what the perfect keyword density is for web content. However, anywhere from 1% to 3% is usually the most agreed upon, so long as the keywords are in the right places. (Check the SEO Basics for Freelance Writers post for more information on that!) By using a keyword density tool, such as this Keyword Density Tool, you can tell exactly what the density percentages are for each of your keywords without having to do the math yourself. There are many free SEO tools for keyword density: this one happens to be the most accurate to my calculations.


Keyword Research Tool

The number one keyword research tool available is Google’s Adword Keyword Tool. This free SEO tool will allow you to research the exact keywords you need to be using in your writing, as well as extra keywords you can focus addition works on. You can tell how many searches are done monthly for each keyword, and you can tell whether the competition is low, medium, or high for each. You get results for 100 keywords at a time and you can export your results to an Excel spreadsheet if you so desire. This is one of the most useful free SEO tools available. You can read more about how to use the Google Adword Keyword Tool at the blog post, How to Use Google Adwords for Keyword Research.


So if you’re just starting out as a freelance writer or you’ve been at it for a while and just need a little bit of help with your search engine optimization skills, these three free SEO tools are the place to start! If you have questions about using any of these tools or if you use another tool that you feel the readers of this blog may find useful, please feel free to contact me and I can give more details on them.


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